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Eternal social activist Grace decides when Vietnam veteran Jonah Babbage, who since 15 years drifts on the Plains State campus writing obscene Hippie 'poetry', looses his shack to construction of sports accommodation paid for by a major donation, to take him in as 'house guest' till she finds him a permanent home -nothing Christian!-, despite both brothers' strong protest- Jack is furious, Bobby initially terrified by the dirty, ugly, grumpy nut-case. Meanwhile Goth girl Dex decides to shamelessly abuse the boys toilet at school as her dirty 'office' and scares Bobby and his mate Warren into silence even there, yet the bitch's gang blames them wrongly when she gets expelled and demands they turn up at night 'for a beating', luckily her filthy mouth proves larger then her bite and cup... Grace's young friend Tom Wexler Graham's tycoon father Henry 'Huck' Graham obliges her by finding Jonah a spot, so she must accept to attend the party in his honor for the Graham Sports and Recreation ...

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