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  • SIA agent Yvonne works at Paul Trion's fashion house. Trion is involved in espionage. Yvonne's roommate Sharon meets Al at the airport. Yvonne is murdered at work. Sharon has Al pose as her fiancé and helps him find Paul's secret codebook.



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  • Al travels to Paris, where is is supposed to meet a contact (a girl undercover agent) on a mission to recover a small secret-code book that has been stolen from the agency.

    Instead, another girl shows up to pick him at the airport. This girl is a friend of Al's contact (sharing appartment) and works as photographer for a prestigious egocentric fashion designer.

    She tells Al that she has a boyfriend in New York, a stock broker. As nobody knows her boyfriend in Paris, they decide to use this as a cover up for Al.

    The girl takes Al to the Fashion agency to meet his contact. They meet first the designer who is practicing a fashion show.

    While the girl is introducing Al to the designer, they hear a scream and find out that Al's contact (the girl undercover agent) has been killed at a back stage room.

    The fashion designer is having a struggle to keep his business running and has accepted to cooperate in transferring the secret code to enemy agents hidden into his designs .

    They (Al and the girl) are caught and end up trapped into a security room in frozen conditions (used to preserve the designer works). In the end Al figures out how to get out of the security room.

    They go to the fashion show and capture the bad guys while the transferring of the code is being made (flashing lights reveal the secret code hidden in the dresses).

    In the end the girl decides not to marry the stock broker, as she likes better the emotions of Al's life.

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