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Let's finally wrap it all up
sol20 June 2013
***SPOILERS*** You can see right away why special police consultant Robert T. Ironside, Raymond Burr, was more interested in the forthcoming 49er football game then the case he found himself on. Football made sense the case he was assigned to made nuts. It all had to do with the heist of a valuable piece of art stolen from the Comus Tower by what seemed like a human spider. A man who can climb up and down 30 stories buildings with a 50 MPH gusts of wind blowing at his back without even heaving his hair mussed up.

We also have a number of murders in this Ironside episode that just seem to fill up time and nothing else. Since they really don't help the art crooks who committed the crime but draw attention to them. Robbery even of a million dollar painting is one thing but murder is quite another! Ironside who's really not all that interesting in solving the crime, he's far more interested in the 49er football game on Sunday, just goes through the motions following wherever the script, not evidence, takes him.

****SPOILERS**** As Ironside suspected the robbery was an inside job but far more inside then anyone imagined. And those who committed it as well as the murdered security guard Herbert Chapman, Herbert Flaherty, and art connoisseur Enzo Rossi, Renzo Cesana, were independent of each other in the reason that they were murdered. In fact security guard Chapman was in on the heist but was murdered to keep him from getting his share of money. As for Rossi he figured out who the murderer and crook, or crooks, were and had to be quited, with a poison pill slipped into his drink, before he got that information to the police or police consultant Ironside.

But by far the biggest surprise of all, if you can call it that, was the killer himself. Who as we learned from Ironside wasn't even in on the robbery in the first place. He only got involved in it after the art piece was already stolen thinking no one would suspect him of the crime! No one but Robert T. Ironside that is.
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