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Top Notch Chapter of "The Invaders"
mackjay214 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Genesis" may recall THE OUTER LIMITS for some viewers. It's a fairly creepy episode of this great series. There is a lot of action and excitement, but there is also an air of strangeness that really distinguishes this chapter. Much of the action takes place at a sea lab taken over by the aliens, and we even get a very brief, unclear glimpse of one of them. Best of all may be a police officer's reaction to a full-on view of an invader in its original form: he goes mad. This very well done episode features talented actors from the great days of TV: John Larch, Frank Overton and Philip Pine, along with a good performance by Carol Rossen.
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One of the worst episodes
Miles-104 December 2009
The characters' motivations are unreal and Carol Rossen is particularly misused as a female scientist who lets every other character buffet her around the plot like a pinball with no will of her own. The idea of the police officer downwardly mobile in his career getting scared into a catatonic state at the sight of an unregenerated alien might have been a good one, but it is poorly acted and directed and probably originally poorly written.

This episode gives us another glimpse of the aliens in their true form (See also "The Spores" in the second year), but it is not much, just a trunk with short appendages. So when these aliens take human form, they must increase in size as well(?).
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