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Tense and explosive episode!
Andrew Huggett25 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent, thrilling and fast-moving episode. Essentially, the story of a general who is tricked into helping the aliens set-up an anti-matter bomb which will cause the earth to shift off its axis. The idea being that the blame will fall on a conventional nuclear text explosion that is due to happen at the same time causing (so the general thinks) an end to the danger of nuclear war. Of course there's a more sinister outcome intended but the episode does not really make it clear what that is (unless I've missed something) … A very good episode marred slightly by the rather conventional small explosion when the anti-matter bomb actually goes off (it seems to be suggested that the earth-tilting effects of this device are only felt when it's placed a few metres under ground, but that's rather difficult to swallow when you see the resulting small explosion!).
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