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Bruce Banner wakes up in South Dakota and General Ross goes after him with his Hulkbusters. Meanwhile, a gamma virus breaks out in Detroit and Betty travels there to assist Donald Blake. Blake transforms into Thor and heads off to get the Hulk. Thor takes him to Detroit, but the two fight driving the Hulk away. Banner returns and realizes there is a Gamma virus outbreak. He meets Betty at the hospital and works to fix the virus. After an accident, Betty is exposed to the virus. The Gargoyle realizing that the Hulk is in Detroit sends the the Abomination to kidnap him. The Gargoyle reveals that he accidentally created the virus in an attempt to cure himself. Banner works with the Gargoyle to create a cure for the virus. He manages to synthesize a serum, but the Abomination attacks and the Gargoyle flees with the serum. Thor arrives to rescue the Hulk and return Banner to the hospital. Blake and Banner work on a cure, but it won't be ready in time to save Betty. Fortunately, the ...

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