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"The Incredible Hulk" King of the Beach (1981)

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Average episode but Ferrigno does well in his dual role

Author: Bjorn (ODDBear) from Iceland
31 October 2008

It was inevitable that that the creators of "The Incredible Hulk" would give Lou Ferrigno a speaking role after playing the big green dude for so long. Well, maybe it wasn't but I sure did like the fact they gave the guy a chance to play a normal person at last.

As is, "King of the Beach" falls in the average bin for there is nothing particularly memorable on display here (except for the obvious). Ferrigno does well and the writer inserted many real life scenarios from his life in the storyline, which was a very good idea I thought.

Not the cream of the crop as far the series is concerned but an enjoyable episode nonetheless.

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My Favorite Hulk Episode!

Author: tbirdman-1 from United States
1 April 2014

Out of all of the episodes of this classic TV series this one shines as my number one favorite. Am a longtime fan of Lou Ferrigno and this storyline gave him the opportunity to stretch his acting chops and the first and only time that he got to play a regular human character. David Beller is working at a beach side café for Carl Molino and his wife and he's an aspiring local bodybuilder who is hoping to win the Mr. Galaxy competition for the grand prize. David becomes more than his employee and befriends Carl when he gets into a very sticky situation while training for the contest. Overall not a great episode though still worth watching to see Ferrigno playing both the Hulk and a regular guy. I would have liked to have seen a follow up to this one though the ending is quite satisfying. You won't be disappointed.

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The BodyBuilder

Author: AaronCapenBanner from North America
22 November 2014

David Banner(Bill Bixby) is working as a dishwasher in a Venice, California beach café who befriends the cook, a partially deaf man named Carl Molino(played by Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno) who dreams of opening his own restaurant, but is also a competitive bodybuilder that a small-time hustler named Mandy(played by Leslie Ackerman) wants to use to make money, but Carl falls for her, and Mandy will also have a change of heart after their lives are threatened by gangsters who want Carl to lose, and poor David once again gets in the way trying to help... though story is unoriginal, Lou Ferrigno makes an effective and appealing speaking actor here, and of course is still perfect playing the Hulk as well.

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The Incredible Hulk - King of the Beach

Author: Scarecrow-88 from United States
13 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Lou Ferrigno's dual role in this episode will perhaps make it a must-see for Hulk show fans. He plays a deaf but well functioning seaside beachfront cook hoping a weightlifting competition will bring in the financial funds to help start his own restaurant. Enter ambitious but naive Leslie Ackerman hoping to ride the gravy train that might come with Lou's success. Bill Bixby is currently working in the diner with Lou, a first that is kind of surreal in a way...seeing Lou, the cook, and Lou, the Hulk in the same scene at the end equally so. Lou getting a chance with performing on screen as a regular average Joe hoping to make it out of the back of a lowly diner could be quite a treat for Hulk fans, and the episode does allow Bixby to Hulk up against two crooks wanting to get even with Leslie for purposely skating in front of their car, knowing they are typically preying upon the elderly for their social security checks among other things. He also Hulks up when an agent's goons try to use Bixby as leverage to keep his man as the top bodybuilding guy when Lou's physique threatens to take the top prize his client has held for a few years. I'm not all that into bodybuilding which this episode focuses extensively on, but Lou getting a chance to do more than grow while made up green is a nice touch. Leslie is cute as the love interest for Lou who means well but often does more harm than good when trying to get him over as the ultimate in bodybuilding in their beachfront location. Bixby, as Lou's moral compass and listening ear when needing support, steps aside and lets Ferrigno have the story's central focus.

The Hulk posing during a media junket where bodybuilders are looking to be the next King of the Beach as cameras take pictures of him from an enthusiastic audience takes the is rather amusing to see this green version of Lou, growling and flexing as the crowd goes wild!

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