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  • Mickey Stone find himself being blackmailed by Victor Maher into helping him catch a bank robber. Maher has an old videotape of Danny Blue involved in a robbery and unless Mickey agrees to help, he will turn it over to the police. Maher spent his career in the fraud squad and is now head of security for Moores Bank. He knows that Sam Richards will soon try to rob the their main London Branch and want Mickey to get a member of his team in on the robbery. Albert Stroller, who has had dealings with Maher in the past, warns Mickey that the ex-cop is very good at what he does and that Mickey himself is as much the prize as Richards. Left on the sidelines, Danny and Stacie spend a good deal of time together with Danny starting to fall for her.

  • Victor Maher, a security officer, is trying to catch Mickey. Victor tells Mickey that he is in possession of a CCTV tape he collected from his old police job that would get Danny put in prison if shown to anyone else. Victor tells Mickey that if he wants to keep Danny out of jail, Mickey would have to help him catch Sam Richards, a common bank robber who is planning to steal from a London branch. Will Mickey fall into Victor's trap, or with the help of the team, find a way to out-think and con Victor? And what is the story behind Richards?


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  • Mickey's morning coffee is rudely interrupted by Albert's nemesis, Victor Maher (played by David Calder) - an ex-fraud squad officer, and the only man to have ever put Albert away. Maher 'has something' on Danny, which he'll hand over to the police unless Mickey helps him catch the bank robber who's been plaguing the bank for which he is now head of security.

    "When the chance comes to lock horns with the great Mickey Bricks, it's too good an opportunity to miss.""

    Maher wants Mickey to befriend the robber, Sam Richards (played by Richard Harrington), then help catch him as he breaks into the London branch. Albert advises Mickey not to get involved - "You can't outsmart him or out manoeuvre him, he knows every trick we do and more besides". But Mickey agrees to the deal.

    He thinks it best to tell the team it's just another job, not revealing exactly what's at stake, but asks Stacie to keep Danny out of the way for a while. Albert ropes Sam in, just like any other con and tells him how he knows a dodgy alarms man. Sam's hooked and before long, Albert arranges a meet - with Mickey.

    Ash plays the alarms expert and, before long, Sam is telling them how he plans to break into the bank. He explains how his father died while he was just a child, something that rings true for Mickey. Moores Bank robbed his father blind in his hour of need and Sam wants to recover the money his father was owed, together with his priceless diamond.

    "I know it sounds stupid, but this isn't about the money."

    There's a problem though: Moores' security system needs two people to override it - Mickey agrees to go in with Sam. The second problem: there'll be no way out.

    Albert counsels Mickey that, in order to beat Maher, Mickey must tell the rest of the team what's at stake. He does. Danny can't believe that the job is all to save his skin. The team go at the bank job with a new vigour - they want to beat Maher (played by David Calder), save Danny and help Sam Richards, but can they do all three?

    The night of the break-in: Mickey and Sam are in the bank and Albert arrives to collect the tape of Danny. Once Sam and Mickey make it into the vault, Maher rushes down to catch them both. But when he gets there - there's nobody in the vault, and no sign of a break-in.

    Maher spots a CCTV camera and, finally, he begins to think about the possibilities. Has he actually taken on something - or someone - bigger than he is? Is it possible that Mickey and his team have achieved the impossible and conned him right under his nose?

    Later, after Mickey and Sam have said their fond goodbyes, Mickey has one last surprise for Maher, the griftbuster...

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