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  • Mickey Stone find himself being blackmailed by Victor Maher into helping him catch a bank robber. Maher has an old videotape of Danny Blue involved in a robbery and unless Mickey agrees to help, he will turn it over to the police. Maher spent his career in the fraud squad and is now head of security for Moores Bank. He knows that Sam Richards will soon try to rob the their main London Branch and want Mickey to get a member of his team in on the robbery. Albert Stroller, who has had dealings with Maher in the past, warns Mickey that the ex-cop is very good at what he does and that Mickey himself is as much the prize as Richards. Left on the sidelines, Danny and Stacie spend a good deal of time together with Danny starting to fall for her.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Victor Maher, a security officer, is trying to catch Mickey. Victor tells Mickey that he is in possession of a CCTV tape he collected from his old police job that would get Danny put in prison if shown to anyone else. Victor tells Mickey that if he wants to keep Danny out of jail, Mickey would have to help him catch Sam Richards, a common bank robber who is planning to steal from a London branch. Will Mickey fall into Victor's trap, or with the help of the team, find a way to out-think and con Victor? And what is the story behind Richards?

    - Written by Robert Cathles


Mickey's morning coffee is rudely interrupted by Albert's nemesis, Victor Maher (played by David Calder) - an ex-fraud squad officer...

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