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  • In London, two teams are formed and prepare their operations, destined as adversaries. Michael 'Mickey Bricks' Stone is out of jail after two years for an unrelated offense; everybody knows he will do at least once more what he's good in, in fact the best in Britain: the intricate 'long con', always prepared by his American associate Albert Stroller, who finds and gains the confidence of a wealthy mark; their other known cahoots are Ash Morgan and Stacie Monroe. Meanwhile in the police force, a new man is stepping in as new head of the task force to catch them; his failed predecessor, DS Terri Hodges, fills him in on the findings, and Mickey's correctly presumed next target: businessman Peter Williams. The scam this time is to pretend a computer delay of under a second allows the 'investors' to earn a fortune on oil company Vestron's stock just before it rises as a consequence of its annual report, then pull the plug and run with the 'seed money'. A surprise element, however spotted by the police, is young short con- artist Danny Blue, who skilfully forces his way into Mickey's team after being refused a cut when he just asked for a chance to learn from the masters. The police already has a case against him, and offers him his freedom if he stays in the scam to spy and testify afterward. Things work out differently, because of another scam...

    - Written by KGF Vissers
  • Mickey Stone has just been released from prison is dying to do what he does best: the long con. He re-assembles his team - Ash Morgan, Albert Stroller and Stacie Monroe - and they set their sights on Peter Williams, who clearly likes money far too much. Their scam is simple: convince Williams that they can get stock information a fraction of a second before it becomes public allowing them to buy before the price goes up. They have two problems however. The first is Danny Blue, a con artist in his own right who wants in on their scam. The second is the police who have them under constant surveillance. Not only must they test Danny, they also have to find a way to fool the police.

    - Written by garykmcd


Top London con artist, Mickey Stone - "He's in a class all his own, a long con player" - is out of prison (for GBH on his wife's new boyfriend)...

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