"Hunter" Crime of Passion (TV Episode 1986) Poster

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Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: [Hunter & McCall are interviewing Stacy, the daughter of a murder suspect, in Juvenile division]

Stacy: My mother made me SWEAR never to tell. Ever.

Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall: Stacy, can you tell us now?

Stacy: [crying] I can't.

Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: Stacy, have you told anyone else about this?

[Stacy nods]

Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: You told Karen Parker?

Stacy: Yes. She was nice to me. I told her - and my mom found out. She hit me a lot. She made me SWEAR, never to tell anybody again.

Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall: Stacy, will you tell us now? Will you tell us what you told Karen?

Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter: [to Stacy] It's okay, honey. Go ahead.

Stacy: [crying] When I was working on that movie, he took me to his trailer - and he started taking off my clothes. Then he took his off.

Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall: What about after? After he married your mom?

Stacy: [still crying] He did it a LOT. And my mom said it was okay, to let him do whatever he wanted. Because if I didn't - he'd leave and we'd be poor again.

[McCall takes Stacy and gives her a hug; Hunter looks down, disgusted, but knows that he now has the missing motive]

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