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Art for the ladies' sake
Jordan Hall22 November 2017
Greta (Lori Nelson), Mike (Merry Anders), and Loco (Barbara Eden) have turned their attention to finding a millionaire at an art exhibit in the artist colony of Greenwich Village. Loco's lack of vision provides some hilarity in examining the works of art. Eccentric artist Hugo (Werner Klemperer, the comically bumbling Col. Klink of "Hogan's Heroes") sees Loco and takes her to his studio to paint her. When his landlady (Dorothy Neumann) throws him out, Loco lets him move into the ladies' penthouse. Meanwhile, Greta and Mike meet a wealthy man named Arthur Barnes (Eric Sinclair) who delights in Old Masters artwork. The ladies talk elevator man Jesse (Jimmy Cross) into moving Mrs. Alma Teasely's (notable character actress Norma Varden), who is away in Europe, collection of Old Masters into their penthouse. They invite Mr. Barnes to woo him with the masterpieces. While Mike and Greta are out with Mr. Barnes, Loco and Hugo arrive where the artist replaces the Old Masters with his wild modern art. All the while Mrs. Teasely returns and everything lines up to collide. A funny, well-written, engaging episode, and I feel the best to this point in the series.
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