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Invention of the week: None emphasized.

We see Nicks soccer ball be stabbed by Doctor Lorenzo Zager with a limo licensed BAD 1. Wayne gets reactivated as P (Season 1, episode, From Honey, With Love). Amy has a new kid in her class, Anteny Zager.

Wayne beat Zager at everything back in college, so now Zager is out to destroy Wayne. Hes stinky and insane. Lorenzo (father) gets Anteny (son) to make contact with Amy; Anteny likes her, Lorenzo wants to use her. Anteny studies with Amy, but really goes to Waynes lab and downloads all Waynes inventions to disk. The Zager's find Szalinskium, the bases for all of Wayne's inventions and Lorenzo use it to bring his dark army from the past.

ND3 (Canadian Secret Service) permits Wayne to ask for help. So Wayne asks Jake for help. He gives him the code name U, so that together they are PU. In Star Wars storm trouper outfits, they prepare to catch Zager.
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