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Honey and Abraham Lincoln
bensonmum26 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A man shows up at Honey's door with a newspaper from 1865 announcing the assassination of President Lincoln. Is it real or is it a fake? If it's real, the newspaper is worth at least $500,000. The man who brought it to Honey isn't saying - he's dead. And the people who killed him want that paper.

As my rating indicates, I'm not a big fan of It's Earlier Than You Think. Sure, it's got a few good spots like all the guys in kilts running around claiming to be the dead man's brother. But it has much more that I don't care for, like the ridiculous aging ray. It's too ridiculous even by Honey West's standards. Overall, it's a very unsatisfying experience that I cannot rate any higher than 4/10.

For this episode's Name That Character Actor, I'm selecting Leonid Kinskey. In his long career, he appeared in everything from the Marx Bros' Duck Soup to Casablanca to Hogan's Heroes.
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