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Watch out for those electrical shocks!

Author: callanvass from victoria b.c canada
13 January 2014

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Tim Taylor has a hit T.V show called "Tool Time", but he's not exactly an expert on home appliances. Tim wants to rewire the dishwasher, Jill is adamant about Tim not touching the dishwater, even going as far ordering him not to touch it. After his neighbor Wilson tells Tim to bring back his male spirit, Tim gathers up the boys to power up the dishwasher. Not only does Jill not get the job, but he destroys the dishwasher. As a result, Tim & Jill get into a heated spat. I love Home Improvement. I've seen quite a few episodes of this show. I'd watch it whenever I would see it on. This is the pilot and it is a damn good one. Tim Allen's smartass persona is hilarious, Patricia Richardson provides the perfect balance as the wife. Even the kids are fun to watch. I laughed my ass off whenever an electrical shock came near Tim. Wait until you see Mark take Tim's facetious suggestion about fixing the dishwasher naked. I won't reveal what happens, but it is a screamer. Who hasn't wanted to disobey their partner? Curiosity tends to get the best of you. Jill's revenge at the very end is great as well. My only major carp is something very clichéd. I'm a guy, and I hate it when they say to their wife or girlfriend "You don't have to work. I make enough money for the both of us" It is perfectly OK for a woman to work. Anyway, this is an excellent pilot episode that I recommend thoroughly


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A Man and His Dish.

Author: ExplorerDS6789 from United States
7 November 2013

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Meet Tim Taylor, not your average man, but rather your average man with more power. He hosts a local cable tool show simply known as Tool Time, with his sidekick: classic straight-man, Al Borland. The best way to describe Tim on Tool Time is to imagine Bob Vila crossed with Daffy Duck. Tim's home life isn't quite as thrilling as his job. He's got a very patient, but overzealous wife, Jill, and three obnoxious sons, Brad, Randy and Mark. On this particular day, Tim tries to get his family to watch Tool Time with him, but they know better. Today he was showing off a powerful auger and talking about how wives complain about power tools. Jill takes offense, so Tim decides to book it to Sears, but he's told he's gotta stay and mind the house while the little woman goes to a job interview. Not only that, but she tells him to load the dishwasher, which doesn't seem to be performing up to Tim's standards, so he wants to give it a manly upgrade. Jill adamantly refuses him, but after having a talk with their wise and worldly neighbor, Wilson, who told Tim of the times when men sat around campfires telling stories naked back when the male of the species was the dominant one, Tim is convinced it is his God-given right as a man to repair the dishwasher, so it's off to Sears.

Tim buys a state-of-the-art compressor as the boys watch on, but when he happens to mention the part about sitting around a campfire telling stories naked, Brad and Randy book it. Only Mark stays, gleefully taking off his shirt. Tim does the same and they get to work on the dishwasher. First, disconnect the power. Since Tim labeled the circuit-breakers in pencil, he couldn't find the one to the kitchen. He throws the switch to what he thinks is the kitchen, now it's on to disconnect the wires. Naturally, he has no clue which one he's supposed to cut, so he chooses one at random, and gets a quick zap. Tim wouldn't let an electrical burn stop him, he kept going until he finally installed that new compressor. There's a phone call, it's for Jill, but Tim takes it. Apparently, she didn't get the job. However, when she does get home, she's very confident, the interview apparently went very well. Her spirits quickly go south when she sees Tim's electrical burn, knowing he disobeyed her and worked on the dishwasher. However, he tries to convince her it was a good thing, but when the "man's dishwasher" blows the dish right through the counter, she is convinced otherwise. It didn't stop there, Mark let the cat out of the bag that Jill didn't get the job. Tim's attempts at consoling her did very little to boost her spirits. He talks to Wilson again, who lets him know that sometimes it's better to listen than to try and solve every problem. On the next Tool Time, Tim mans up to his mistakes and gives an editorial on how men could better communicate with their wives, and Jill seems to have forgiven him. She wants to relive a fond memory and get intimate in the back seat of their car, so Tim eagerly follows her into the garbage, where she locks him in and calls a professional to fix the dishwasher.

And a legend was born. This is the episode that started it all, the Home Improvement pilot. As you know, pilot episodes are often subject to change when the show goes to series, different cast members, set changes and such, but thankfully the changes made between the pilot and the series are minimal. Most changes happened before filming. Jill was going to be played by a different actress, and Al's name was going to be Glenn. Glad they changed that, because Tim and Glenn just doesn't sound as dynamic as Tim and Al. They never did give this an official title besides "Pilot". Maybe something like "Don't Touch the Dishwasher" or "Man of the House" or something. But anyway, all Home Improvement fans should definitely see the first episode, to see how their favorite show got started. Stay tuned, because there's plenty more wackiness on the way.

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An Extremely Well Written Start To The Best Show In Television History!!!

Author: shawnlaib-1 from Washington, United States
4 November 2009

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Home Improvement is the best show ever. That's completely obvious and goes without saying. The pilot episode was no different and set up all the main plot ideas for the series, just like a great pilot episode is supposed to. Basically, Tim wants to give the dishwasher "more power" and that attitude became one of the main trademarks for the series. Jill disagrees and tells him not to, which also became a regular thing with the series. Tim disobeys Jill, which he did often over the course of the show's run, and the dishwasher blows up. Jill is then extremely mad at Tim and he goes to the Taylor's wise and sagacious neighbor Wilson for help. After that, Jill forgives him and the first episode is over. It's a very simple plot, but set up all of the main running gags and ideas for the show. Even though it might not sound that great, just watch the pilot and you will be hooked INSTANTLY! The banter and barbs between Tim and Jill are hilariously hysterical and much, much funnier and in tune than that of other television couples. They had perfect chemistry! Tim's manly man attitude toward life is hilarious and the way he tries to teach his own sons how to "be a man" is funny, funny, funny. Most pilot episodes are not that great, and you can usually tell when it's the pilot of a TV show when you're watching it. But Home Improvement's pilot was so great that when I first watched it, I didn't even know it was the first episode. That's how amazing it was!!

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