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The Man of My Dreams

Author: ExplorerDS6789 from United States
30 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tim and Al are doing a salute to hoarders on Tool Time today, located in the messy garage of Wilson Wilson, who has many generations worth of, heirlooms and trinkets. Unfortunately, they're unable to clean out the garage because Wilson refuses to part with any of it. Finally, they manage to chase him out, clear out the mess, install some new cabinets and even make room for Wilson's Studebaker. Unfortunately, they're now left with one big problem: the junk that now occupies Wilson's yard. After the intro, it's down to the Y where Jill literally bumps into a handsome guy, and then sees Tim, who had come in for a workout before a big important meeting with a man named Pee-Wee. He's looking to buy his playhouse and give it more power. Nah, only kidding, it's a guy that's going to sell him a radio for the hot rod. They go on to discuss Jill going with Patty to the opera, and about an upcoming family reunion, which Tim balks at. After he leaves, the aforementioned handsome guy, named Ian, had overheard Jill talk about the opera, saying he loves Carmen too. They even sing a small duet right there in the gym. It's perfectly innocent...until he actually asks her out! See, he thought Tim was her brother, not her husband. However, if this were Alabama, he could be both. Anyway, awkward!

Since this is the first time somebody has ever mistaken her husband for her brother, Jill starts to worry about whether or not the romance has completely gone from their marriage. Tim sees the whole thing as an innocent misunderstanding, but Jill is incapable of seeing anything like that, and thinks she and Tim are drifting apart. She crosses paths with Ian again at the Y one fateful day. He reveals that he is a widowed father of 4 girls and he's quite the skilled homemaker. Only problem is, he has trouble getting a date. He openly admits to being attracted to Jill. She stumbles with her words, but basically admits that if she were not married, she'd go with Ian in a minute. The lights go out, and before she knew what was happening, she was kissing Ian! Thank God it was only a dream. She gushes about it to Patty the next day as if she were a teenager again talking about her first crush, but at the same time feels guilty about fantasizing about another man. By the way, Pee-Wee gypped Tim on that radio. Who'd-a-thought? So that night, for probably the first time in...ever, Tim and Jill talk, and talk, and talk, all night long. Sharing their feelings, their wants, their desires...reasonable and otherwise...their sex life, or lack thereof. So I think the conflict has resolved itself. Tim and Jill may be one unusual couple, but that's why they're so perfect for each other.

Well, I have to be honest: this one isn't so bad. It was an interesting point to show that Tim and Jill usually do talk to each other like siblings, and then for some guy to ask Jill out on a date was a real wake-up call. While the jokes in this one really weren't that funny, especially the one Jill makes about Pee-Wee. Who came up with that one? That was just terrible. That was the best they could come up with? The one I made in the first paragraph was funnier, in my opinion. But at least the terrible jokes didn't mire the sentiment and story this time. Tim and Pat seemed like a genuine married couple, and it was at this point in the series where genuine moments were all but phased out to make room for bad sitcom-style jokes, particularly shoehorning in Tool Time segments just for some cheap laughs and quick jokes, only for IT to become a joke itself, which wasn't very funny. I guess they thought the show wasn't funny enough? I mean, I know their big competition at the time was Seinfeld, but at least on that show they didn't force puns every five seconds. But anyway, I do recommend Jill's Passion only for those heartfelt moments between she and Tim, showing that the spark is still alive...and to say nothing about that super controversial moment of Jill kissing Ian. Sure it was only a dream, but to see that in a family sitcom was a ballsy move for the time.

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