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It's always fun to get away from the Stalag.
kfo94945 July 2014
General Burkhalter has removed a priceless painting from The Louvre in Paris to present to Goering on his approaching birthday. With bombing intensifying all along Germany, the General asks Klink to store the painting. While showing the painting, LeBeau becomes upset with the thought of them taking French treasures and steals the painting. But with Klink's head on the line they have to figure out a plan to get the painting back to France and not get Colonel Klink in trouble.

So the way out scheme is to have Hogan, Lebeau and Schultz take a trip to Paris and get someone to paint a copy of the painting. Thus returning the French art and getting Klink out from in front of the firing squad.

As with this entire series much of the schemes really make no sense. They are written for entertainment value. In this episode, it is unrealistic that prisoners would be taking a holiday in Paris. But with the nicely written script it is fun to get away from Stalag 13 and be introduced to new adventures. Nice watch.
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