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"A History of Britain" Beginnings (2000)

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This is a documentary. As such, it does not have a plot, characters, or characterization; it does have settings and episodic accounts of events presented in a vivid series of vignettes with colorful camera work, historical re-creations, and narratives. Have I reached the mandatory ten lines yet? Reflect upon the fact that for ten years, the synopsis was zero lines long; if I only provide five lines of synopsis, give me a break.

(1) Iron Age settlement at Skara Brae, Orkney (2) Nearby tomb-barrow (3) Iron Age Britain before the Roman conquest (4) Roman conquest with emphasis on Boudicca (5) Hadrian's Wall -- a zone of control, not a besieged fortress (6) Transition to Anglo-Saxon England; a fusion rather than a tidal wave (7) Christianization: Patricius and the Venerable Bede (8) Vikings and the Danelaw (9) King Alfred the Great


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