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Richard H. 'Richie' Ryan: Old Timer. Do you have any words of wisdom?

Adam Pierson: Nope.

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Adam Pierson: Hey, grab a beer, there's a cold one in the frig.

Duncan 'Mac: Yeah, I know, it's my frig. Thought you were out wondering the world.

Adam Pierson: In Tibet. Yak butter plays hell with the digestion. Besides, I had all the enlightenment I can use.

Duncan 'Mac: Maybe you have kept that to yourself.

Adam Pierson: Sorry I must have dozed off. What is it were talking about?

Duncan 'Mac: All that crock your feeding Richie.

Adam Pierson: Right and what crock might that be exactly?

Duncan 'Mac: You know, stop fighting, lay down your sword, give peace a chance. Ring a bell?

Adam Pierson: Wow, so he's here is he?

Duncan 'Mac: Who's here?

Adam Pierson: The other Methos.

Duncan 'Mac: What?

Adam Pierson: I never actually have met the guy, but I heard rumors. He wonders around the place, spreading his message to other Immortals.

Duncan 'Mac: Using your name.

Adam Pierson: It's not like it's got a patent or anything.

Duncan 'Mac: Sounds like the guy started a franchise or something. What about this line about peace and love. What's that all about?

Adam Pierson: Well it's just exactly what he says it is.

Duncan 'Mac: Turning the other cheek only gets you slapped harder.

Adam Pierson: But it's got a nice ring to it. No more fighting, no more killing. Peace and harmony, don't tell me you never fantasized about that. Some young suckers always going to fall for it.

Duncan 'Mac: Richie has.

Adam Pierson: Viola

Duncan 'Mac: He thinks the guy is some kind of prophet.

Adam Pierson: Who's to say he isn't?

Duncan 'Mac: You are... this guy's a fraud.

Adam Pierson: Look, there are enough people out there who want my heard for who I am now I say if he wants to play Methos, let him.

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Duncan 'Mac: Even if it gets him killed?

Adam Pierson: Yeah... immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Look at these boots, put them to craftmanship. I only put a 1,000 miles on it.

Duncan 'Mac: You're going to convince Richie that this guy's a fake.

Adam Pierson: What makes you think he'll believe me?

Duncan 'Mac: Because... you are going to be sincere.

Adam Pierson: I left Katmandu for this.

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Richard H. 'Richie' Ryan: [Richie, Duncan MacLeod, Methos, and Joe Dawson at Joe's bar] I mean, this is got to be some kind of joke. Joe, help me out here, I mean 5000 years of wisdom, him?

Joe Dawson: Well... I don't know about the wisdom, but uh, 5000 that's about right.

Duncan 'Mac: I know it's little hard to believe, but what you see is what you get, this is the real Methos.

Richard H. 'Richie' Ryan: You guys don't understand what I am saying, it's not the name that I care about, I mean this Methos, that Methos, it's the message I believe in.

Duncan 'Mac: Richie, the message is wrong and it's going to get you killed. You just met this guy. What he's saying goes totally against everything we know. Why would you want to believe him?

Richard H. 'Richie' Ryan: Because he offered me his life... now why would he do that?

Duncan 'Mac: Because he's afraid to fight you.

Adam Pierson: Or because he knew you wouldn't take it.

Richard H. 'Richie' Ryan: Oh yeah, right.

Adam Pierson: [Methos being sarcastic] There's one born every minute.

Richard H. 'Richie' Ryan: Okay, fine, whatever. I mean I am talking about peace here fellas. I am talking about a chance to end the killing forever... and you know something, of all people, I thought you would understand.

Joe Dawson: [Richie walks away disappointed] He's young all right, young people, they make mistakes.

Adam Pierson: [Methos responds humorously to Joe Dawson's comment] Yeah, look at Disco.

Duncan 'Mac: I got to get going, got someone to find.

Joe Dawson: I going to go on check on this... this other Methos guy. Maybe I'll turn something up.

Adam Pierson: Maybe I'll go buy some socks.

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Adam Pierson: [Methos meets the fake Methos] Methos, I presume.

The Messenger: So they tell me.

Adam Pierson: You know, it's, um, interesting. You know, it's, um, interesting. I was always told that you were a myth. And yet you look very, very real. Tell me, is it true that you were a friend of Socrates?

The Messenger: Oh, I've had many friends.

Adam Pierson: And, um, I've always wondered - uh, Cleopatra, what was she really like?

The Messenger: She was a woman. She loved. She lived. She died.

Adam Pierson: Yeah, speaking of death, uh - you seem very vulnerable.

The Messenger: We're all vulnerable.

Adam Pierson: Yes, but you a little more than me, I think. I mean, a lot of people might want the head of a 5,000-year-old man.

The Messenger: A lot of people might want to listen to a 5,000-year-old man.

Adam Pierson: I suppose that's true. I mean 50 centuries, after all, you must've learned a lot - uh, knowledge, wisdom, that sort of thing.

The Messenger: Truth is my beliefs are very simple.

Adam Pierson: Yes I heard about your beliefs. Do you really think that there's no such thing as evil?

The Messenger: Only fear.

Adam Pierson: So, what, Genghis Khan and Hitler were just children playing up?

The Messenger: They were men driven by fear to commit evil acts.

Adam Pierson: And if their mother had loved them truly, then it would have been a different world.

The Messenger: Could you say it wouldn't?

Adam Pierson: Do you really think we can end the game?

The Messenger: I think it's worth trying.

Adam Pierson: Even if it costs you your head?

The Messenger: Can anyone live for 5,000 years and say they did nothing? Risked nothing? Merely stayed alive. It'd be pointless.

Adam Pierson: Some might think that that experience was worth saving.

The Messenger: I'm not one of them, but we can talk about it.

Adam Pierson: I've got a prior engagement, I'm afraid.

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Adam Pierson: [Methos walks off and the fake Methos asks him a question] I, uh, didn't catch your name.

Adam Pierson: No. That's right. You didn't.

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