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a skip able one in my opinion...
Warning: Spoilers
Duncan gets hit by car, ends up at hospital, comes around (of course petty much near death), does the sneaking away thing, and all would have been good but for a Doctor who thinks he is a god, plus a murderer, will get into that in a "sec".

From the copies of ID, the "good doc" tracks Duncan down (of course he is interested in him, we find out why...), as he has been "experimenting" on people for a while, and because of Duncan doing the usual, getting out after reviving, well...Tracks Duncan at his address, kidnaps him after injecting him...Doc who "involved" with a nurse (umm really, don't really think he was, she was hoping he was using just not the way she would like), pretty much again stands her up (as always ?), she is a bit freaked out because Duncan is be asked after, missing and others, reporter Randi. So instead set Duncan up as a killer, after he kills the nurse.

Of course Duncan comes around (still real drugged) while the docs working, gets out calls Tess who comes to get him, warns about being wanted, and then they meet up. Does the try an remember where he was, finds camera where nurse was killed, (in water so film damaged), finds someone who can develop it, finds clue, and gets there in time to save Randi's life who was investigating the doc. Doc dies, Duncan, who I think is to kind in his statement to police, basically says that the doc was trying to help people in his lab of science, which for some people can be dangerous.

Gave this epi a five only because of Randi and the way her story played into it, other wise would be lower than the 5 out of 10. The rest of the story, think I get why but the ball was not just dropped but lost.

Good thing most epis I found were good.
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