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  • On his way home from the grocery store, Duncan is the victim of a hit and run. He is rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but due to his remarkable recovery time he is able to check himself out shortly after he arrives. This is noticed by a doctor who drugs and kidnaps Duncan so that he can experiment on him. Meanwhile, reporter Randi MacFarland is hot on the trail of Duncan's disappearance.


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  • Duncan is involved in a hit and run and is taken to the emergency room where he is treated by Doctor Wilder. Reporter Randi MacFarland hears about the accident and decides a story is there about violence victims. MacLeod heals and manages to leave the ER unnoticed but does not escape the attention of Wilder. Wilder drugs Duncan and takes him back to a home lab in order to further Wilder's personal gene research on healing. Duncan escapes again but Wilder tries to frame MacLeod after murdering an ER nurse who was asking too many questions about patients that go missing. While pursuing the story that changes from violence victims to missing patients, MacFarland gets caught by Wilder. Duncan uncovers the truth about the nurse's murder and puts an end to Wilder's research while saving MacFarland's life.

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