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Rather clever.
MartinHafer27 November 2012
Most folks living here in the continental US probably have no idea that Hawaii is located in a precarious place in the Pacific and it has, on occasion, been hit by massive tsunamis--such as 1946 and 1960. So, the plot in "Tsunami" isn't really that outside the realm of possibility.

The show begins with an ambulance being stolen and one of the crew being run over by the thieves. This causes one of the perpetrators to think twice about their plans--he wants no part of a heist that involves killing or nearly killing anyone. However, as you'd expect on the show, he's soon killed by a very rabid member of the gang. As for the gang, they are an odd group. They are NOT professional criminals but some amoral but very bright university students--so full of themselves and their supposed high IQs that they think they can out-think Five-O. Their plan is to fake a tsunami warning and use this as a cover for a jewel robbery. The plan is very clever but, of course, not clever enough.

The biggest plus of this show is novelty. While one early episode did talk about tsunamis in Hawaii, "Tsunami" was still very original and the plan quite involving. The only part that seemed silly to me involved a scientist whose glasses were smashed. You'd still think that he'd have SOME indication of what his captors looked like even if he had severe vision problems. Heck, he couldn't even tell the police their hair color, race or anything other than that they sounded 'young'. Still, this is a very minor problem in an otherwise involving episode.
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