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See Christopher Walken as a young and "pre-psycho" actor
MartinHafer3 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This episode begins with the Navy's shore patrol spotting a man who is AWOL in Honolulu. The two officers gave chase and the Hawaiian seaman is scared and runs. Soon, one of the shore patrolmen corners the frightened man and they scuffle. In the mêlée, you hear a gun discharge and the patrolman is dead.

Although this is clearly a Federal case involving the US Navy, oddly McGarrett gets involved and uses the police resources to try to locate the still AWOL man. While it is VERY unlikely such a State organization would have such involvement, the story explains that McGarrett does this because he knows the AWOL man and his family. In fact, years earlier, Steve had convinced the man to join up and straighten up his life—so he feels a sense of responsibility—sort of like an uncle.

While the crime seems cut and dry, the show naturally has a much more complicated explanation for what REALLY occurred. While this isn't unexpected, it works out well and the real crime is quite interesting. And, Five-O of course manages to save the day—while the US Navy is pretty impotent in this matter.

There are a couple interesting distinctions in this show. First, Harry Endo plays the regular character, 'Che Fong', for the first time (though he had been in the show earlier in Season Two, he played a different character). Second, a young Christopher Walken stars as the surviving Shore Patrolman. Unfortunately, you'd expect this guy to be evil (since it IS Walken), so some of the suspense about the plot twist at the end is missing. You can't blame the makers of "Five-O", as no one yet knew that Walken would establish himself as a real crazy character actor! Overall, while not a great episode because of the odd involvement of the police, it's solid and entertaining throughout.
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