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*****Possible Spoilers Ahead*****Evil spirits cause stepfather to go mad...
Neil Doyle9 October 2009
This is another in the series that follows a familiar route--yet the stories are compelling if you like ghost stories.

A young family with three children move into an old mansion in West Bay Lake, Wisconsin. What they don't know is that the house has a history of hauntings. They soon find that they have to calm restless spirits and feel as though they are being watched all the time. Eventually the strain is too much on the marriage when the husband goes mad. The mother moves out with her children.

Later, a young man tries to renovate the place since he works for a construction firm. He's a non-believer in ghosts but is soon frightened out of his wits. The plot thickens as he undergoes hypnosis by his sister and reveals that a very evil identity is lurking within the house. It's enough make him vacate the place.

Years later, a lightening storm sets the house on fire and it burns to the ground, to the relief of all those who feared the place was unfit to occupy.
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