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Horses Don't Get Flat Tires
dougdoepke4 August 2007
Another solid entry from that outstanding '57-'58 season. Matt and Chester are on a long chase after escaped killer Simon Oakland. Then in the middle of nowhere, their horses are shot in a gun battle with Oakland who becomes their prisoner. Now they have to hoof it to the nearest stage line for the trip back to Dodge, (good thing their route-finding instincts seem to be unerring). Along the way, Oakland makes an unusual request-- he's ashamed of being a prisoner and asks Matt not to let the other passengers know. Matt takes a chance and acquiesces. Is this an escape trick or is Oakland sincere? Matt finds out since the stage trip proves a difficult one.

For once, the grassy countryside actually looks more like western Kansas than the scrublands of southern California, adding nicely to the atmosphere. It's also a different kind of early episode since all the action takes place outside of Dodge. Cast includes the sinister-looking Peter Mamakos, every inch the classic western villain, and the dead-pan Clem Bevans in the ornery Gabby Hayes role. The realistic segment on greasing the stage wheel is a nice touch, and probably amounts to a classic bit of folk wisdom from writer Meston's fund of Western lore. Well done wrap-up, again showing Meston's talent for sketching memorable characters that turn the story into something of a parable on trust and redemption.
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Classic Western 101
kfo949411 July 2013
Here is one of the better episodes we have a seen in a long time. It takes all the aspects of a classic western and tells a story that is entertaining to even the novice viewer. Everyone should view this show to see how westerns should be made.

It begins when Marshal Dillon and Chester on are the path of a wanted man, Jim Nation. Jim finally surrenders but all the horses are either dead or in such bad shape that the three men are going to have to walk back to Dodge.

Matt remembers there is a stage that runs about twenty miles away from their location so they hop on the stage trying to make it back to Dodge. But on the stage is a bandit that plans on stealing the strong box and robbing the passengers. Matt may have to rely on his prisoner for help as the bandit holds an old man as hostage for safe passage.

An entertaining episode that was a pleasure to watch. Young Simon Oakland is fantastic as the Matt's prisoner in route back to Dodge to stand trial. An excellent performance by Mr Oakland. Great acting by the entire cast and a well rounded script brought the show to a high point of interest. One of the better shows in the collection.
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Too Much Luck and Trust
jamdifo22 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Episode starts out Dillon and Chester chasing Jim Nation (Simon Oakland). Nation's horse is worn out, so he shoots both Dillon and Chester's horse. Then Nation waves a flag to give up, and Dillon lets him walk over while Nation's gun is still in his holster, come on, Dillon isn't that stupid. You find out they are 90 miles from Dodge with no horses and Dillon shows no anger toward Nation. Dillon even accepts not to tell anyone on the stagecoach he is a fugitive, at Nation's request. You have got to be kidding me.

Anyway, Nation believes a guy is wanted on the stagecoach and of course Dillon believes him. To avoid a surprise attack, Dillon tells the driver to go fast thru the dangerous part. The wheel sticks right before it, they are stuck, but no attack. As luck would have it, the wanted man's accomplices got killed by Indians, but the station man is still alive to let them know a bad guy is among them.

This starts an unlikely chain reaction, villain takes hostage, Dillon says he's a marshal, Dillon trusts Nation with a gun, Nation convinces villain he is on his side, Nation gets the villain to give up, Nation turns gun on Dillon to escape, Dillon talks him into going to trial is better and that a good word by him means he won't hang. Baloney! Trial is by facts, not a marshal's opinion.

This episode seems to say Dillon can see the good in people. In reality, a person who makes a marshal travel 90 miles and shoots his horses would have got a beating.
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