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An old plot that was rehashed to make a show
kfo949415 January 2013
This is not to be confused with an episode called 'Homecoming' from the 9th season.

In this episode two outlaw brothers, Rick and Raymond Wilson, on run from the law return to their families farm outside Dodge. They also bring a partner, John Mophet, who is on the run after being sentenced to hang for the crimes he has committed.

When they get to the family house they find out that their father had died and their mother is very sick. With what is believed to be only a few days to live, the brothers want to stay with their mother. When Doc Adams rides out to check on her they kidnap him making him stay at the house.

With their mother's last breath, the brothers realize that their life will always be on the run. The brothers want to let everyone leave -- but their partner, Mophet, will not be taken alive no matter what.

This is more of a routine episode that has been played out many times on 'Gunsmoke' series. Not to say it was a bad show just one that did not spark much interest in the routine script. But this episode is one of only a handful that has snow falling in the episode. Nice touch to this show.
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