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Mamie don't stand for no fandangling.
kfo949428 August 2013
The Lady Gay saloon has a sign out front that advises that they are under new management. And the name listed as owner is a woman named Mamie. Everyone is waiting to see the new woman owner but become surprised when a large women with extra girth makes an appearance at the door inviting the crowd inside.

The first thing she does is list the rules of the place and even has to throw someone out of the street that talks back to her. When asked my the Marshal about buying the place from Herman Bleeker, she says that he sold it fast and left town. This was strange since people saw Herman yesterday and he said nothing about selling the place.

It gets even more odd when a man tells Marshal Dillon that he saw Mamie about 4am coming out of a fruit cellar carrying a shovel. Marshal, Chester and Doc ride out and find some of Herman's clothes covered with blood. It makes it look like Mamie may have killed Herman.

This was not one of that exciting stories. But the cast-director should get a raise for picking Nina Varela to play the bigger than like Mamie. She saved a bland story from being an all out dud. With her full figure acting she single-handed made this show more interesting. Not the most entertaining tale but one that was at least watchable.
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dougdoepke4 April 2014
Reviewer kfo is right. Without the commanding Varela (Mamie) as the woman saloon owner, this entry would be a bust. There're little suspense, tension, or comedic byplay, usual hallmarks of the series. There is some good, snappy lines, plus the amusing sight of the strapping Varela strong-arming rowdy cowboys. At the same time, if I'm not mistaken, there're hints of Matt's not wanting to confront the formidable bar owner. The only real interest is watching Varela act like a roughhouse man.

Otherwise, the screenplay appears done on the fly, unusual for the series. Also, I suspect that Varela's gender-bending was inspired by Blake Edwards' innovative Peter Gunn (1958-1961) where the bar owner, Mother (Hope Emerson), also bends the feminine gender. Be that as it may, this half-hour departs from the series staple, mainly I think for the worse.

(In passing-- the odd title "Hinka Do" appears to have no relevance to the story. So I'm guessing it was just something to identify the working script.)
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