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A cousin is after Festus's hangy-down ear part.
kfo94945 February 2013
Some of the 'Gunsmoke' purest will find the episode against all things that the series stands. But for me it was a nice hour of entertainment that was as good as any on TV today.

Eliab Haggen, cousin of Festus, makes his way to Dodge City for the task of revenging his father's fate. Seems that Festus shot off some of Eiiab's fathers ear and now he is here to shoot off some of Festus's ear. Not the entire ear but the hangy-down part of the ear.

Well when Festus gets wind of Eliab's visit, it will be a long drawn out affair to avoid getting his lower ear shot off. In the meantime, there will be poker hands and upset feelings as someone gets killed and the suspect is Eliab. Festus can finally feel good that his cousin is in jail-- or can he?

This was a change from the usual episode plot. A funny look into the Haggen clan that was entertaining from beginning to end. I sometimes judge a episode by how you anticipate the next scene-- in this episode if was a thrill waiting to see what comes next. An enjoyable show.
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