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Good character actors
spence20545 March 2013
Character actors from the period are in this episode. Denver Pyle, who plays Claudius, went on to play Uncle Jesse in the "Dukes of Hazzard." Shug Fisher, who played Emery, was Shorty in "The Beverly Hillbillies" and also went on to be in "The Dukes of Hazzard." Both actors are prominent. The story's plot is believable and interesting except for the scene where Claudius chugs a full bottle of whiskey in The Long Branch. It might make one wonder if Miss Kitty waters down her whiskey. The episode is well worth watching. Matt is not the main character in this episode, so Festus evokes the honor and morality associated with show's portrayal of old west characters. Festus, however is not exactly rewarded for it by his kin. The ending is interesting, enjoyable, and evocative of the era of the 1960's westerns.
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Cousins of Festus cause trouble in Dodge City.
kfo94943 February 2013
In this enjoyable episode, Festus is the center of attention when his three fir-trapper cousins come into town and start trouble at the Long Branch. After drinking- one of them gets into a fight with Dave Carson and Matt has to break them up. He puts the fir-trappers in jail for the evening to be released the next morning.

Matt has to go out-of-town so he gets Festus to watch the jail. When Festus finds out that the three men in jail are his cousins, he makes a pack with them. Festus will release his cousin that night as long as they give their 'Haggan Word' that they will leave Dodge and cause no more trouble. They agree and Festus lets them go.

Down at the stables, Mr Halligan is having words with Dave Carson about a mule harness they he felt was not done properly. Halligan shoves Carson and he hits his head on a wagon wheel. In a daze state, Carson stands at just about the time the fir-trappers come to get their horses. Carson falls on on of them and they push him against a door. When they check they find the wound to Carson's head. Thinking they were the ones that injured Carson, they flee town. Mr Halligan tells Festus that it was the fir-trappers that caused Carson's injury

Now with all the fault centered at Festus, he is bound to bring his cousins back to Dodge to stand trial. So Festus sets out on an entertaining journey as he is dead set on catching each family member.

A nice and delightful story that has all the charm of a Haggan family reunion. With backwoods humor and a well seasoned cast, this show was a joy to watch.
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