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Dodge is near riot conditions when an Indian Chief comes to town
kfo94944 February 2013
In this episode it returns us to the bigotry that was evidence in the late 1800's of Indian hatred. This time a sick Indian by the name of Chief Joseph comes to Dodge City on his way to Washington DC. The reason for the stop was to hopefully get medicine for the Chief. The Chief and his two tribesmen try to get a room at the Dodge House. However the owner is outraged about having Indian in his hotel and sends for Marshal Dillon to extract them.

Matt realizes that Chief Joseph is very ill and calls in Doc Adams. Doc finds that the Chief has pneumonia and is very ill. The chief needs rest for days and warmth and the only place they have will be the drafty jail. That is until a man named Lt Cal Tripp says that they can use his room as a guest. So they take Chief Joseph to the room.

All this does is cause conflict with the townsfolk for having a savage Indian actually staying in town. The men of Dodge start talking about getting rid of Chief Joseph at any cost. But it will not be until Corly Watts gets wind of Chief Joseph being in town that it really heats up. Seems that Corly's brother was killed by the same tribe Chief Joseph belongs. Corly is bound to kill the Indian and revenge his brother's death.

With only Matt, Lt Tripp and Festus willing to protect the Indians- it will be three against a mob when they meet at the front of the Dodge house for a showdown.

This episode had a nice moral story but seemed overly written. When one piece of paper can disperse a mob then something seems weird or written for TV sake. But with that said, it was still a nice watch and an entertaining show for viewers.
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