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Good episode with some lessons for all.

Author: headhunter46 from Madison, Wisconsin, USA
5 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This started out with a gorgeous old steam engine that came rolling in to a station. I love those old steamers and ride one whenever I get the chance. That told me it was probably going to be one of the better episodes. It turns out our well respected Marshall is escorting a suspect to trial in Dodge, as the title implies. He is accused of murder and there were eye witnesses.

Now enter a sincere woman who has dedicated her life to guaranteeing humane treatment of prisoners and it gets very complicate for our hero when he receives a telegram warning him there are friends of the accused planning to effect an escape.

For a few minutes it looks very bad for Matt and doc when the woman interferes at the worst possible moment, but all ends well. And the help Matt needs comes from the one who was least likely to offer it. I won't ruin it by telling you who it was cuz I'm hoping you'll watch it for yourself.

And one thing about the bread that was mentioned by others. When I was a kid my mother made bread at home, several times a week. It became my job to slice it up when she saw that I was good at it. I learned to make a nice neat slice because I didn't like lumpy bread. I used a special bread knife that grandma gave us, it had saw like teeth on it and I could slice bread so it looked like it came from the store. So, just maybe the bread was not out of place.

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Throw Mrs Devon from the train...

Author: grizzledgeezer from United States
27 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the kind of action-packed episode "Gunsmoke" fans are fond of. Its problem is one that afflicts most episodic television -- you know that neither Matt nor Doc will be killed, so there's no suspense in that regard.

Matt and Doc are escorting a man accused of murder to trial. (The title is an obvious reference to "3:10 to Yuma", which similarly involves delivering a criminal to justice via train.) Doc is present, apparently because the man has a leg injury and Doc's ministrations might be needed to keep him healthy. Naturally, a bunch of the man's friends are planning to effect his escape, and -- of course -- kill Marshall Dillon (yawn).

The real troublemaker, however, is Mrs Devon, a liberal do-gooder whom most liberal do-gooders would have no trouble slapping silly. Her concern over Dillon's "brutal" treatment of the prisoner gets Matt really steamed. He ought to toss the *****, but he's too much of gentleman to do so. She does, however, sort-of redeem herself.

Yes, the conductor /is/ Robert Emhart -- who's aged so much, he no longer looks nor sounds like Robert Emhart.

There's another good performance from Todd "Jason" Armstrong as the killer being escorted. (He would later commit suicide after contracting AIDS. A shame, because he was a decent actor.)

This episode ends on a note (sounded occasionally on this series) I find distasteful. Someone who's done Matt or Festus or Doc some great and terrible wrong asks forgiveness -- and Matt or Festus or Doc is quick -- much too quick -- to forgive them, when a blunt lecture is what's needed.

Other than its unavoidable predictability, this is a pretty good episode -- but not one I'm interested in watching again.

Egregious Goof... At the beginning, when Matt, Doc, and the prisoner are eating sandwiches, it's patent that someone got the bread from the nearest day-old. (The slices are perfectly square and obviously machine-cut.) Would it have been that difficult to buy an artisan loaf and cut it by hand?

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'Nothing worse than a crusading female'

Author: kfo9494 from United States
8 October 2013

Those are close to the words spoken by Doc Adams and in this case I have to agree. There is much going on in this episode that could have made this one of the better shows in the season but one obnoxious character and a surreal ending left a bad taste in ones mouth about the entire show.

In all takes place on a special train heading to Dodge with Matt, Doc and a mildly wounded prisoner by the name of Johnny August. The train was not suppose to have any more passengers but a bridge fire caused the stagecoach not to run and when they make their first stop a slew of people board. And you can guess some of the people are friends of Johnny August (I find that name amusing) that are set on freeing their friend.

Also aboard the train is a high and mighty female that use to be in charge of the prison reform committee in Chicago. For some reason she sticks her nose into the affairs of Johnny August and thinks Marshal Dillon is abusing his powers. Not only does Matt have to deal with trying to make Dodge now he has a rude female that thinks she knows more than anyone else. It's a tough train ride.

The story was not bad but the part of the female, played by Joanne Linville, was like rubbing salt in a wound. You know it is sad when you hope her character gets mortally wounded by a stray bullet bring an end to objectionable person. But that did not happen and instead we get a closing scene that will make even the most avid fan of the series nauseous.

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