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Bill (Robert Culp) is helping with a kidnapping case, and Ralph (William Katt) is doing his taxes in the car. They make the ransom drop, and Ralph flies after the the kidnappers. They threaten the kidnapped girl (Emile Moultrie), and Ralph diverts from the chase to save her. Meanwhile, Bill chases the kidnappers in his car, and Ralph's tax paperwork flies out the window.

The tax auditor, Byron Bigsby (James Whitmore), arrives at Ralph's house, and Ralph changes clothes and hides the ransom money. Bigsby finds the case of money and Ralph is in trouble!

Bills gets chewed out by Carlisle, his boss (William Bogert), who threatens him with an IA audit. The IRS conficates the ransom money and Bill tries to get the money back. While they are arguing, a car drives by and someone shoots at Ralph. In Bill's office, Bigsby and Carlisle accuse Ralph and Bill of collusion. Carlisle suspends Bill, and Bill and Ralph try to scry the suitcase, while Bigsby is auditing Mr. Sherman (Eugene Peterson). Ralph yells at Bigsby and talks to Debbie, where he gets an image of the kidnappers. Bill and Ralph stop another kidnapping, and Bill is reinstated.

Pam (Connie Sellecca) is also being audited by Bigsby, and as they try to talk to him, someone tries to kill them again. They track the license plate to TechnoTron, and Ralph/Bill enter the building via the roof. They get into the CEO's safe and check his office - he's also being audited by Bigsby, and Bill realizes TechnoTron is trying to kill Bigsby and not Ralph.

Bigsby is being interrogated by the CEO (Jerry Douglas) at his house, and Ralph arrives to stop him. Bigsby is relieved, and the audits are all finished, except for Carlisle!


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