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  • Pam and Ralph get promotions, and Bill begins to worry about his mistakes and mortality. Pam's new boss is mixed up with the mob, and the team must rescue her and Bill's career.


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  • Bill (Robert Culp) and Ralph (William Katt) meet in the desert to practice with the suit. Ralph practices pyrokinesis, but sets Bill's car on fire inadvertently. Bill appears preoccupied with the obituaries and his own health. Meanwhile, Pam (Connie Sellecca) meets with Clarence Carter (Eugene Peterson), who offers her a junior partner position with her law firm. She accepts.

    Back at school, Ralph is elected vice-principal (temporary) and is overwhelmed. Bill meets inspector Palmer Bradshaw (Duncan Regehr), who teases him about trashing his third car this year.

    Clarence and Pam are stopped by armed masked men, who deliver a message to not buy off a commission investigating a mess in Tuscon. They assume Pam is Clarence's daughter, and Clarence passes the incident off. The hitmen later find out Pam was not Clarence's daughter, and is a witness.

    We discover that Ace Aarons, Bill's old boss, died recently - Bill is upset by Ralph/Pam's success, and by his own mortality. Bill wants to quit, and Ralph has to convice him to stay in the partnership. Pam arrives, and they realize Pam may be in danger. Ralph volunteers to try and get vibes from Pam's office, and the hitmen follow. Pam and Bill discover that Springsond Records in Tuscon appears to be the key to the case, and then the hitmen kidnap Pam. Ralphs rescues them, and Bill gets in trouble with Palmer Bradshaw over federal jurisdiction.

    The next day, Clarence comes to see Pam at her house and picks her up. What starts as a friendly discussion becomes a kidnapping, and Ralph arrives late. Bill finds out that the record company may have been a front for the mob, and Clarence is the attorney for the record company's president. When Bill and Ralph at the president's house, they find him deal in his pool, and Bill has to explain to Palmer Bradshaw how this fits within federal jurisdiction.

    Bill is pulled from the case, and continues to feel sorry for himself, worrying about mistakes he's making. Ralph motivates him. Clarence calls Ralph and arranges a meet at a junkyard. During the shootout that follows, Ralph changes and captures the bad guys.

    As the season episode closes, Bill is trying to convince Ralph and Pam to move to Washington, so he can advance his career....

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