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Bill (Robert Culp) and Ralph (William Katt) sneak into the FBI archives. They find Samantha O'Neill (Dixie Carter) in a basement office, and she makes eyes at Bill. Ralph does a scry on some evidence and sees a murder. Unfortunately, the murder was on TV. Ralph tries another scry and sees a dog in the road, and is able to command it to help Bill, who wrecked his car trying to avoid it.

The next day, Bill is a minor celebrity, even with his boss, Carlisle (William Bogert). Bill thinks its because of his car wrecks, but Samantha slips him a newspaper that shows an article about Bill capturing Russian agents. Carlisle introduces him to men from Washington, and Mr. Williams thinks Bill is fishy. Samantha keeps making suggestive remarks to Bill.

Bill gets an interview on TV, and while watching, Ralph sees assassins waiting to kill Bill. He stops the assassins, and Samantha drives Bill home. Samantha makes a pass at Bill, and Ralph watches gleefully. Later Bill and Samantha meet Ralph and Pam (Connie Sellecca) for lunch, and Bill says he wants to train Samantha, but Ralph thinks he's in love.

Bill and Samantha go looking for more evidence from Ralph's vision. Bill finds more guns, and 2 men attack him. Sam fires into the air to drive them off, but Bill realizes it was setup. Ralph scrys Pam's apartment, but Sam and Bill arrive and he has to hide. He sees Sam pick up a silenced pistol and realizes she's an assassin too. Sam leaves to get medicine for Bill and Ralph scry Sam getting orders to kill him. Bill doesn't think she can do it, and tells Ralph he knows she's KGB.

Bill confronts Samantha, and she says she wants to defect. The KGB arrive and Bill tries to get them to believe she's genuine. They don't buy it, and take Bill/Sam away, followed by an invisible Ralph. The KGB leader takes them to the beach, where agents are smuggling guns. Ralph manages to stay invisible and stop the smugglers, and Bill gets the credit.

Bill bails Samantha out of jail and refuses to testify against her. He wants to build a life with her.


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