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A military aircraft with a top-secret prototype targeting system is stolen, and Bill recruits Ralph to help him follow up on his hunch to locate the plane by using the suit to fly search patterns through the desert. Meanwhile, Ralph's students press a classmate to run for class president, and Pam's mother and judgmental father fly in from Minnesota to meet Ralph.

Ralph finds the plane, but the gun-sight has been taken, so he and Bill find evidence that leads them to a group of mercenaries. Before facing off with the group, Bill tries to coach Ralph how to use the suit for telekinesis, but he accidentally triggers the power of invisibility, which Ralph is then unable to control, forcing him to skip out on his dinner date with Pam and her parents.

Bill and Ralph track down the gun-sight to an auction at a foreign consulate, where Bill is captured and Ralph has to rely on his erratic new ability to rescue Bill, stop the auction, and reclaim the stolen technology.


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