Libby: Hey, do you go to Franklin?

Skipper Mathews: Huh? Who me?

Libby: I weren't talking to the empty seat.

Skipper Mathews: Yeah, I go there.

Libby: How is it?

Skipper Mathews: I dunno, it's a OK school.

Libby: I didn't mean to interrupt your reading.

Skipper Mathews: Oh, that's OK I've read it 4 times.

Libby: My name's Libby.

Skipper Mathews: I'm Skipper.

Libby: Do you collect comic books?

Skipper Mathews: Yeah!

Libby: So do I!

Skipper Mathews: What kind?

Libby: 'High School Harry and Bean Head'.

Skipper Mathews: Aw, man! Those are the worst!

Libby: I think they are very well written! And they're funny!

Skipper Mathews: Yeah right! High School Harry with his stupid little Tic Tac check marks all over his temples? And that guy Bean Head? So nauseating.

Libby: What do you collect? All that Super Hero junk? Like the Masked Mutant?

Skipper Mathews: Yeah. I know everything about the Mutant. He's the most evil super villain of them all. I mean look at this artwork. It's way better then the High School Harry comics. There's no contest. See, the Mutant's been battling the The Gazelle. The Galloping Gazelle?

Libby: Galloping Gazelle? Talk about dumb.

Skipper Mathews: It's not dumb, Libby! The Gazelle's the end of his carrier! He has to battle the mutant for the fate of the planet! What's so dumb about that?

Libby: Are all the boys at Franklin like you?

Skipper Mathews: Nah! I'm the coolest!

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Libby: Attack of the Mutant! Are you jumpy or what?

Skipper Mathews: That's not funny! Look! The building was there yesterday!

Libby: It was? I've never seen it!

Skipper Mathews: You haven't?

Libby: I don't think so.

Skipper Mathews: Well, I have! Here! Take a look at this!

Libby: An invisibility curtain?


Libby: Now I know why they call you Skipper. When they handed out brains, you got skipped.

Skipper Mathews: Well, you have to admit this is weird!

Libby: I'll admit that YOU'RE weird!

Skipper Mathews: In the comic book, people can walk right trough the invisibility curtain. And they couldn't feel it or anything. It was kinda like- like walking through a smokescreen. And once you walk though the curtains you could see the building.

Libby: OK, let's get this over with! Then when you see that, you're nuts! We could have a normal conversation!

Skipper Mathews: C'mon.

Libby: We are now stepping though the invisibility curtain!

Skipper Mathews: Very funny.

LibbySkipper Mathews: [Both gasp]

Libby: You were right! Now what? Let's get out of here OK?

Skipper Mathews: C'mon let's go in!

Libby: Go in? Are you crazy?

Skipper Mathews: No! Don't even stop to think about it! Just go in.

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