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ShadeGrenade29 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Goodies are watching a live concert in Hyde Park when sinister Mafia-types make off with the orchestra. Everywhere, musicians are mysteriously vanishing. The Goodies give a free show on Hackney Marshes. No-one turns up to hear them play, but someone makes off with their lorry - with them inside.

Our heroes are taken to the country home of one M.J. Coggleton, also known as 'The Music Master'. The villain has stolen the world's musicians so that people will have to pay him if they want to hear them again. He wants the Goodies to make a record - if they refuse, they will be forced to face the ultimate punishment - namely, be locked in a cell with Rolf Harris...

One of my all-time favourite 'Goodies' episodes. With his slicked-back hair, Dracula-style cloak and mobile, rocket-firing Hammond organ, The Music Master is the nearest the show got to one of those eccentric super-villains so typical of the 'Batman' television series. The late Henry McGee is best remembered for his work on 'The Benny Hill Show'. Its a pity this episode wasn't shown as a tribute to him earlier this year. Full of great gags, including a couple at the expense of Cilla Black's singing. She couldn't have been offended, because she contributed to the final scene.

Funniest moment - the final battle between the Goodies and the Music Master, where a euphonium is used as a cannon!
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