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Sarth Effiker apart-height
ingemar-416 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This must be one of the more daring episodes of The Goodies, openly mocking the apartheid system in past South Africa. As such, it is of course dated, but if you only know about it, it has a whole bunch of funny gags.

The episode is best in the beginning, and then loses tempo. The racist guest star (Philip Madoc?) is brilliant in the tourist office, with the piano (which also is briefly seen in "Charity Bounce", racist coffee (white), racist sunglasses (white), "white only" film, and The Goodies' film "Sarth Effiker", which clearly mocks "The Black&White Minstrel Show" (which is also in focus in "Alternative Roots").

Then we go to South Africa, and the "apart-height" rules are invoked, and we get a good discussion about racism. Bill becomes a "little-un", and we get into a pretty decent slapstick to the "Run" song (one of the Goodies' best songs). The slapstick is decent, but not first rate. Then follows the jockey uprising, which I find rather dull. The ending is logical but rather obvious.

So it doesn't stand out as one of the very best, but at least it is both historically interesting and in considerable parts funny.
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