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In the beginning...
skottyrock19 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
In this classic pilot episode we discover that man-hungry Blanche (McClanahan) plans to marry Harry (Aletter) at the house after a whirlwind romance. Blanche's roommates Dorothy (Arthur) and Rose (White) react with surprise, shock and suspicion. Dorothy thinks it's too soon for Blanche to get married: "You've only known him a week!"; Rose worries that when Blanche gets married she will be turfed out: "Dorothy, we'll become bag ladies!" To complicate things even more, Dorothy's mother Sophia (Getty) turns up unannounced, claiming that the retirement home has just burned down. She now needs a place to stay. On the day of the wedding, Rose, acting on a hunch, intends to tell Blanche that Harry is not the man for her. She claims that her hunches have never been wrong. Dorothy doubts Rose - she even throws her in a closet to keep her quiet! Dorothy wants Blanche to be happy; she believes marriage will be good for her. That, however, never comes to pass. After waiting for hours for Harry, a cop arrives to say that Harry has been arrested for bigamy. Blanche is crushed, but soon recovers when she realises she has a new family: Dorothy, Rose....and Sophia.
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The beginnings of a show worth its weight in gold
Allexander Lyons25 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Picture it: Miami 1985. Three women over 50 and their housekeeper are sharing a house together when their lives are turned upside down by the sudden arrival of one woman's 80-year old mother and the announcement that one of the women is engaged to be married...

The pilot episode of the Golden Girls, otherwise known as "The Engagement," kicks off this truly wonderful series. While it is certainly far from perfect, it does a great job in setting up what was yet to come.

It takes a while for any show to flesh out its main characters and the first episode of "The Golden Girls" does a commendable job. While there's not a whole lot of laugh-out-loud moments here, The opening monologue delivered by Dorothy about clashing with a student over her fashion sense and the monologue delivered by Rose about ending up alone are well-done and very memorable. Dorothy also spouts a few of her trademark deadpan sarcastic remarks here. Blanche doesn't have a lot to do in this episode but since she gets her chances to shine as the series goes on this can be overlooked. The housekeeper, Coco, is the weakest character in the episode and it's easy to see why they got rid of him. In fact, I watched these shows when they first aired and I don't even remember him from that first viewing.

While the other women are terrific, this episode truly belongs to Sophia. From the moment she walks through the door, she spouts hilarious one-liners at rapid fire pace and never lets up. Her timing is terrific and her delivery is so dynamic that you can't help but laugh even if the line wasn't intended to be funny. It's easy to see why the writers changed their mind and made her a series fixture. I do think that the explanation blaming her boisterous nature on a stroke just seemed like overkill.

The weakest point of this episode would have to be Rose suddenly developing reservations about Blanche's fiancée. It really comes out of nowhere, it's not explained well and it feels rushed. It also feels like it was written in just to introduce a conflict. At least they do manage to get a few funny moments out of it.

As with any pilot, it has issues that will definitely be worked out later. Even so, Susan Harris and the fab four will give you more than enough laughs to keep you coming back for more. One interesting side note is that this episode briefly features Meshach Taylor, who would go on to star in another show based around a quartet of women: "Designing Women."
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Golden Girls Off With A Hit!
IcyRoses17 April 2010
The most brilliant comedy series in history, The Golden Girls, starts off with an impressive and hilarious first episode.

The very first episode deals with Blanche, and her engagement to a suspicious man. However, it's really Dorothy, Rose, and the introduction of Sophia that steal the episode.

This first episode is crucial, because it makes us realize who these women are. Dorothy is intelligent and sarcastic, Rose is dimwitted, Blanche is sexy, and Sophia is grumpy. All are explored in this classic first episode.

The only complaint is Coco, who thankfully was written out of the series after this episode. His character goes nowhere, and is borderline offensive.
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Entertaining episode to start off the show
Davis P23 November 2017
It's 1985. Miami, Florida. 4 older women living together and sharing their lives with one another. This beginning episode introduces us to the lives of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia. This episode is very funny and sets the stage for the rest of the series. Everyone is great here, sometimes pilot episodes aren't all that great, but this one really is both entertaining. The plot of this one centers around Blanche and her getting engaged to a man she's seeing. Things turn out not to be as they seem.... but Of course the girls are there for here as they always are. I recommend the entire show, it's one of my absolutes favorites, I thought it would be fun to review every episode of The Golden Girls. 8/10 for this very first episode. Starts things off with a bang.
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The Engagement (#1.1)
ComedyFan20107 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Blanche is getting engaged to her boyfriend that she just started dating recently. Rose is both worried about having to look for a new place and as well that the man that Blanche is about to marry is suspicious. And Sophia moves in with him for some time because her retirement home burned down.

A pretty good start of something that looks like a promising comedy. The characters are introduced very well and we have an idea about ho they will be in the show. Many funny one liners and jokes. As well as it starts with positive message of how much they love living together. I only couldn't understand why Rose was suspicious of the groom.
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They were Golden
callanvass13 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche are three women who share a house in Miami, Florida. All three are very close and share everything with one another. Dorothy's mother, Sophia, unexpectedly moves in when her retirement home burns down, and Blanche accepts a marriage proposal from her boyfriend Harry after only dating him a week. Needless to say, the girls aren't to keen on this. I've always liked this show. I wouldn't call myself a die hard fan of it, but I watched episodes here and there when I was younger. Since I'm reviewing a lot of television shows lately, I thought I'd watch some Golden Girls, since I remembered liking it whenever it was on. If this pilot is any indication, this show is going to become very addicting for me. I know it's trendy to make fun of this show, but why? Its lots of fun, it's hilarious, and more importantly, innocuous. It's extremely successful for a reason. All the girls have great chemistry with each other. Bea Arthur has some great lines, and she's hilariously sarcastic. Betty White plays her dimwitted, yet well meaning character so well. Rue McClanahan is the energetic one of the bunch, whilst Estelle Getty is a scream as Dorothy's mom. She impulsive and lacks a filter. That's what makes her so great. This show is very funny. It has a good message how you shouldn't be too eager to make unnecessary steps in a relationship when you don't have enough background on someone. I also liked how the girls are struggling to move on. I'm definitely gonna continue watching this show. I liked it when I was younger, and love it even more now

Favorite quotes.

Rose: What a day, one sad person after another. Dorothy: Rose, you work at grief counseling, what do you expect, comedians? Rose: Well, it would be a change of pace

Rose: Sit down, you must be exhausted. Sofia: Why? I rode in the cab, I didn't push it!

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