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"The Golden Girls" 72 Hours (1990)

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Dorothy storms into the kitchen, upset because the caterer for her Save the Wetlands party is late with the menu and wants to serve food which comes from the wetlands. She is overwhelmed by the amount of work she has to do, so Blanche volunteers to help, as she has an "affection for bayous" since that is where she lost her virginity. Rose comes into the kitchen with the mail. Dorothy asks for her help with the banquet, but she declines, citing charity burnout. As she opens her mail, she notices a letter from the hospital where she had her gallbladder operation. The hospital thinks the blood she recieved during a transfusion may have contained HIV and wants her to come in for a blood test. Rose is concerned, but Blanche and Dorothy assure her that everything will be fine. The next day, Dorothy is still unsuccessfully trying to recruit help for her Save the Wetlands campaign. Blanche returns from the mall and reports that nobody asked for information about the campaign. She suggests that they need a clever gimick, and suggests a celebrity auction. Dorothy likes the idea, but does not know how they are going to come up with celebrity volunteers in so little time. Blanche says she can pull some strings. Rose asks for someone to drive her to the hospital, but Blanche says that her appointment is not for another three hours, prompting Rose to retort that she may as well get used to being by herself, since if the test is positive, nobody will want to be around her. At the hospital, Blanche and Dorothy accompany Rose as she checks in for her HIV test. Rose is uncomfortable about giving her name, and the receptionist tells her that she can give a false name, so Rose gives her Dorothy's name. As she awaits the test, Rose tells the girls the story about the time that she volunteered to help some priests prevent a volcano from erupting by climbing up the mountain as the priests gave her "birthday whacks". Blanche tells Rose that she, too, was tested for AIDS at one time, so she understands what Rose is going through. The receptionist calls for Rose, and Blanche accompanies her back to take the test. Sophia joins Dorothy in the waiting room. In the doctor's office, Blanche tries to reassure Rose. The doctor enters and tells Rose that the results will not come back for another three days, which upsets her as she wonders how she is going to get through the next 72 hours. Back at home, Dorothy recieves another cancellation for her benefit. Rose comes in and tells the girls that she had driven to Alabama the previous night, and tells Blanche that there is an egg dish named after her at a truck stop in Tuscalusa. Sophia asks Rose if she is okay, and she says that she is fine, and that she is not even going to get the results of her AIDS test as she goes through a box of the items that celebrities have donated for the auction, and notices that the dress Jamie Farr promised is not there and she gets upset. Sophia gets up and slaps Dorothy by mistake. Blanche suggests lunch and a movie to ease the stress. After she and Rose leave the kitchen, Sophia reveals that the dress did come, and that she is in fact wearing it. Later, Sophia emerges from the hallway and Dorothy asks what she was doing in her bathroom for two hours. Sophia tells her that she was afraid to use her own bathroom because Rose used it. Dorothy retorts that she has a bad attitude about the AIDS situation, but Sophia asserts that it won't happen again. Blanche emerges from the kitchen and asks why there is a letter 'R' written on some of the coffee cups. Sophia claims that it is for "regular" coffee, but Dorothy says she doesn't believe her. Sophia admits that, even though she knows that there is no way she can catch HIV, it is scary now that it has hit so close to home. She promises to get over it. Later that day, Blanche enters the kitchen and finds Rose, who is kicking herself for not taking care of her gallbladder or making sure that the blood she recieved was not infected with HIV. Blanche tells her to take it easy, but Rose gets upset and says she doesn't feel like taking it easy and wants to know why this is happening to her, because this is not supposed to happen to good people like her. Blanche gets angry and tells Rose that AIDS is not a "bad person's disease" and is not a punishment. Blanche apologizes for snapping at her, but Rose says it is okay and asks Blanche how she got through waiting for her test. Blanche replies that she kept it to herself and acted like a bitch to everyone else. Later, Blanche, Sophia, and Dorothy sit in the kitchen, discussing how hard the waiting is for Rose. Sophia notices that she is drinking from a "R" cup and gets nervous, so Dorothy grabs the cup from her. The girls make a pact to be there for Rose, no matter what the results of her test are. Sophia drinks out of an "R" cup. Dorothy joins Rose on the lanai the night before she is scheduled to recieve her test results. Dorothy is frustrated because she is unable to come up with a persuasive slogan for her campaign. Rose tells her that she thinks that what she is doing is important, and tells the story about how she was laughed at when she rallied to get St. Olaf a missle silo because it would help tourism. Dorothy observes that they both have trouble with groups, and the girls take turns regailing stories about the clubs they joined in school to be cool and fit in. They share a good laugh, and Rose says that she needed it since its been a bad week. Dorothy promises her that it will get better. The next day, all four girls sit in the doctor's office as they await the results of Rose's test. Rose tells the girls that, before, she couldn't wait for the past 3 days to be over, but now wishes she could have some of it back since any second the doctor is going to come in and tell her her future. Sophia promises her that her future is going to be filled with nothing but joy and laughter, since that is her horoscope. The doctor enters and tells Rose that her test results were fine. Dorothy gets excited, and Rose that its great for her, but Dorothy reminds her that Rose used her name. Rose thanks the girls for being there for her, and tells Dorothy that she wants to go with her to her fundraiser, and Dorothy says that it is going to be a success since Sophia "stuffed" over 500 envelopes. The girls leave the office together as Sophia takes offense at the term "stuffed".


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