"Gilligan's Island" Topsy-Turvy (TV Episode 1966) Poster

(TV Series)



[Gilligan sees everything upside down, so the Skipper reluctantly stands on his head]

Skipper Jonas Grumby: For a little guy, you sure get in a lot of trouble!

Gilligan: That's because I try harder.

Skipper Jonas Grumby: The things I do for you...

Gilligan: Sorry, Skipper, but this is the only way I can talk to you without falling down. Or up. Or sideways.

Professor Roy Hinkley: [Walks out of hut with a potion for Gilligan] Skipper, you are standing upside-down, aren't you?

Skipper Jonas Grumby: Well of course I'm standing upside-down, Professor!

Professor Roy Hinkley: Oh. Good; for a minute I thought I was working too hard.

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