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"Gilligan's Island" Take a Dare (1967)

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Gilligan is listening to the radio and hears how a man named George Barkley (Strother Martin) has been stranded on a deserted island and has to fend for himself for a whole week so as to win a $10,000.00 cash prize. It just so happens the very island Barkley has been dropped off at is where Gilligan and the castaways happen to be. All attempts at finding Barkley and using his two-way radio so as to communicate with the mainland fail. Barkley goes into hiding after the castaways try to sneak up behind him during one of his broadcasts and yell and then he (Barkley) throws the radio into the sea, and the Professor instructs everyone to take up an assigned place and, if they spot a ship, to run to the spot and shout very loudly. When the Skipper asks Gilligan what he is doing sitting in a palm tree, Gilligan replies, "I'm watching the helicopter take off," and thus ruins yet another rescue. The castaways morosely listen to Barkley being interviewed after his return and then the announcer says it was a shame he had not brought the two-way radio with him as they had wanted to watch him open the secret panel at the bottom of it. Barkley asks, "What secret panel?" and is told that is where his $10,000.00 had been all along ... so he gets nothing. However, Mr. Howell (of course!) finds the money, remarking, "Interest seems to follow me wherever I go!"
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