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Helping to Cross to the Other Side
Claudio Carvalho11 November 2007
Melinda sees the son of an acquaintance playing with a boy called Kenny near to a railroad crossing and she discovers that the Kenny is a ghost. With the support of her partner in their antique business Andrea Moreno and her husband Jim, Melinda contacts Kenny's family, avoids another tragedy and resolving their issues, helping Kenny to cross to the other side.

"The Crossing" is another good and sensitive episode of "Ghost Whisperer". The lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt is amazingly perfect for this role, and the story is also beautiful. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "The Crossing"
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xredgarnetx11 December 2007
Melinda encounters the ghost of a boy sitting along a railroad track. The boy, who died under very tragic circumstances, is desperately looking to be reunited with his parents. What's really worth noting about this episode is, while GHOST WHISPERER is never going to have the punch of a big-budget, no-holds-barred flick like A STIR OF ECHOES or even THE SIXTH SENSE, this early episode movingly deals in a child's death, and it's a real heart tugger. Even with the usual happy-sappy ending. The kid actor is pretty impressive. It's this kind of episode that put GHOST WHISPERER on the map, even if the show never turns out to be a killer in the ratings. I feel the same way about HOUSE, M.D.
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Good performances in tale of psychic who helps people "cross over"...
Neil Doyle14 September 2009
A newlywed young woman (JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT) helps a little boy (JOSEPH CASTANON) whom she spots at the scene of a railroad accident. Turns out she's talking to a dead boy who was told to wait for his mother if anything ever happened to him. She shows her maternal instinct by taking him with her as she prepares to meet his parents and explain that the boy needs their permission to enter the other side.

The boy is played with such complete naturalism by Castanon that it's no wonder he's an award-winning child actor. In fact, it's his performance that makes the story work. David CONRAD is fine as Jennifer's understanding hubby.

Other performances are on target, the technical aspects of the production are of good quality, and the story moves toward its happy ending after a few little twists and turns. Nicely done.
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