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  • Max meets with KAOS defector Dr. Madre who has offered to give Max the map to the KAOS owned Melnick uranium mine. However, Madre informs Max that the wine he is drinking was spiked with a tonic that turned the map into a liquid and that it will cause him to break out in a rash in the form of the map. Unfortunately, it will take 48 hours for the map to fully appear and within that 48 hour window is Max and 99's wedding. Max must then try to find a way to not only postpone the wedding, but stay vertical for 48 hours in order for the map to appear. Of course, this doesn't stop a couple of KAOS agents from crashing the wedding.

  • On 86 and 99's wedding day Max breaks out in a rash, but not due to cold feet. He was given a tonic by a fugitive doctor that will cause his chest to break out in a map.



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  • Max meets a man who says he has information about a map. The map leads to a treasure that KAOS is hoping to use to fund their nefarious activities. The man pours something in Max's drink when he's not looking. Max drinks, then asks the man where the map is. The man explains that the map is inside Max. In 48 hours, the map will appear on Max's chest. Max has to remain standing, or the map will not appear. This is a major problem, because Max is getting married to 99 in a couple of days.

    When Max tries to postpone the wedding, 99 assumes that he has cold feet and doesn't want to go through with it. She has a hard time believing his story about the map. Max agrees to go ahead with the ceremony as planned. 99's mother has overheard their arguement, and she calls Max a bum.

    The day of the wedding, a couple of KAOS thugs use the man who slipped the map to Max in the drink to gain entry to Max's apartment. Max does some quick thinking and subdues the thugs. He, the man and Max's best man, elderly Admiral Hardgrave, escape. Max, who is in his pajamas, has to dress on the way. Admiral Hardgrave has to drive. Max can't sit down due to the map, and the man who gave it to him doesn't know how to drive. The Admiral doesn't know to work a stick shift. Somehow they manage to pull away, as the thugs jump in their car to follow.

    99 is upset because Max is late, and she thinks he stood her up. The Chief tries to keep both her and her mother calm. The Chief admits to 99's mother that he never got married because he had cold feet. This intrigues 99's mother, who is a widow.

    Max, the man and the Admiral get to the church with the thugs right on their heels. A fight takes place, and some of the wedding guests assume it is a fight between Max and 99's families. The Chief gets involved, and even 99's mother comes in swinging with her purse. Finally, the wedding takes place. The Chief gives 99 away, and they step over the bodies of the thugs on the way to the altar. 99 is perplexed by the rips and tears she notices on both the Chief and Max's clothes.

    The wedding night is put on hold as the Chief, Larambee, and another CONTROL agent station themselves in Max and 99's hotel room to make sure the map continues to reveal itself on Max's chest. The agents hang Max up on a coat rack to make sure he stays straight up.

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