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Fun with Farkas
zsenorsock3 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
One of the very best of the "Get Smart" married episodes. The cold opening is great as the Chief and Max are involved in a running gun battle at a pier when Max calls home to tell 99 he's going to be a little late. 99 admits she was almost late too, but lost a couple of KAOS agents by diverting them to a pier--the pier the Chief and Max are on! Max invites the Chief by for dinner that night. He and 99 don't remember what wedding present the Chief gave them, so they get them all out--except for a croquet set..."Who would give a croquet set to someone who lives in an apartment?" Not knowing Max had invited the Chief for dinner, 99 throws together an elaborate gourmet dinner. The trouble is, the Chief loves desert, but 99 didn't prepare any. Enter Naomi Farkas. Mrs. Farkas and her husband (Tom Bosley) are KAOS agents planted next door to the Smarts to keep an eye on them. When they learn about a valuable briefcase the Chief is carrying, they mildly poison a desert and deliver it to 99.

The jokes really work in this one and the battling Farkas family (they despise each other) are very funny and well cast. For a change the new relationship between Max and 99 does NOT seem forced and everything really seems to work.
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