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zsenorsock1 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is the episode that proves how really great Don Adams was as Maxwell Smart, agent 86. Because of a dispute, at the last minute Adams decided to boycott this episode and makes only a brief "phoner" appearance with the Chief explaining why he can't be there. So instead of Adams, its up to his old co-star Bill Dana (at one time HUGELY popular as Jose Jimanez) to carry the ball as CIA agent Quiggley, who is sent to the North Pole with 99 to track down Professor Stanislovski who is attempting to freeze the United States (Max is stuck in Miami where they've had 12 feet of snow). On their way north, 99 and Quiggly are directed by 44 (Al Molinaro) to contact two Mounties, which turn out to be Siegfried and Schtarker. The two KAOS agents claim to have retired from KAOS to be good guys and together the 4 go in search of the secret lab (last time we saw Siegfred, he had a giant magnet now there is a giant fan cooling down the planet!).

There's some well written wordplay between Quiggley and the Joint Chiefs (Gen. Christian, General Chrichton and Admiral Quinton), but its not Dana's kind of humor and it falls flat. Ditto his attempts to get a beer that's slid to him on a bar. It's the kind of stuff Adams did so well. All along Dana seems to be afraid to create any kind of character, lest he step on his friend's toes by actually doing a good job. He can be a funny man, but he's not here.

The only laughs are provided by Siegfried (Bernie Kopell, wonderful as always) and Schtarker (King Moody, who also played Ronald McDonald for years). It's a shame we had to wait 20 years before Siegfried and Smart would finally meet again in "Get Smart Again".

The ending of the episode is weak and the bad guys appear to get away Scot free, but nobody seems to care. Perhaps Adams playing hooky was the straw that broke the camel's back and made CBS decide it was not worth it to bring back the series for a sixth season.
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