Thornton Reed: [after Dagless goes mad trying to save Skipper and in a completely monotonous tone] Look out, he's got a stick

Dean Learner: I haven't acted since, some would say I didn't act during, but er, er, those would be unkind people. I did my best.

Todd Rivers: He couldn't actually interact with, you know, with another actor. I've never seen that before, and I've never seen that since. But I've just seen the tape, and it looks okay, though.

Thornton Reed: Dag! Any thoughts?

Dr. Rick Dagless: I... don't know anything about it. Besides, i think there are more important matters at present.

Thornton Reed: Could you give me an example?

Dr. Rick Dagless: Like hospital *bloody* hygiene, I went into the gents and there was a big pube stuck to the pipe so i had to use the one in 'E' wing.

Dr Lucien Sanchez: [interrupting] It's true! I went there two month-back and there was a piece of shit stuck to the seat!

Dr. Rick Dagless: Well someones gonna have to pick that pube off the pipe and it ain't gonna be me!

Dr Liz Asher: [interrupting] Come on, surely we can talk about something more sanitary!

Dr. Rick Dagless: [immediately interrupting] As if your fanny never graced a pan!

Dr Lucien Sanchez: Whats crawled up your crack?

Dr. Rick Dagless: She has! Shes *so* up herself!

[Liz is immediately upset, make-up running down her face. Sanch interrupts... ]

Dr Lucien Sanchez: You shut your mouth, or so help me god i'll punch your lights out!

[to Liz]

Dr Lucien Sanchez: Dunno what the hell's gotten into him! Come on Liz, i'll help you apply some more make-up.

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Dr. Rick Dagless: What I couldn't work out was how he'd managed to make another man pregnant. I guess we'll never know. So, just to restate, that is something we'll never know, you're not going to find out later.

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