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Oh dear
didi-52 July 2010
The nicest thing that can be said about this episode is that it has a lot less of Troy and Dillon than other episodes of this woeful sequel to the original Battlestar Galactica. You can only pity Lorne Greene, still going through the motions as Commander Adama, and this episode's special guest, Jeremy Brett, who is a long way from Sherlock Holmes in a roll- neck, Germanic accent, and evil grin.

We met the Super Scouts in the preceding two-parter episode, where we learned of their superpowers and their lack of recognizable human DNA. Here they end up playing a baseball game which utilizes all their remarkable talents. Tedious Jamie Hamilton, the reporter who has been out of earth's orbit, is still on hand to do very little, while Brett's comedy villain performance hardly stretches his acting muscles.

Spaceball is plain awful. The bit with the TV camera is fun I suppose but Jamie taking this oddly accented fellow to be a good Galactican just makes her look daft.
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