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"Futurama" That's Lobstertainment! (2001)

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After watching an old clip of his famous Uncle Harold Zoid, Zoidberg sends his relative a letter. Though once a famous actor, Harold has fallen into hard times living in a Hollywood retirement home. However, he invites Zoidberg and the Planet Express Crew to Hollywood.

Meeting with his nephew, Harold explains that he has an idea for a new movie, but needs financing. They find their financier in the form of robot actor Calculon, thanks to Bender having become his assistant. Calculon agrees to finance the film on Zoid's name as well as a guarantee that he'll win an Oscar for his performance.

The film is a strange production regarding the President of the United States, and his son who is Vice-President. After finally finishing the film, the test-audience walks out. Calculon threatens to kill Zoid if he doesn't win the Oscar, and Zoidberg and Bender attempt to rig the Oscars, but in the end, seeing his Uncle saddened at his station in life, Zoidberg rigs the award to be awarded to Harold.

In the end, Calculon is willing to not kill Harold.


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