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crying thinking about it
krystalnjoeysmom10 December 2007
I watched this episode last night. I am still crying thinking of the ending. This is, by far, one of the saddest things I have ever watched, and I don't think I could watch it again. Whoever wrote this is both a genius, and crazy. The whole episode I was so happy that Frye was going to get his friend back, and then he misinterprets everything. The last montage with the song was just terrible. It was moving in a way that I couldn't believe, and powerful. I never thought an animated show could have the power to yank at my heart and twist it in such a way. I couldn't fall asleep afterwards. It was not what I expected to watch. I had just finished watching Cold Case, which also tears me up, and wanted to watch something light and funny. I picked the wrong thing. But it will in fact go down as one of my favorite episodes, even though it was so sad.
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Great, but sad episode
allknowingbroad14 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the best episodes of Futurama. It's also SO depressing. The unconditional love that Seymour has for Fry is so real. Just like most of our dogs have for us. I kept hoping that in another episode Fry would somehow be able to see back in time and realize Seymour didn't move on to another owner. Unfortunately this didn't happen and Fry never brings his dog back to life.

The end song, as others have pointed out, is perfect. I'm not sure which is sadder. Seymour waiting his life out for Fry to return or the poor dog knowing where Fry was and Fry's parents not figuring it out despite being in the room Fry was frozen in. The dog was SO happy to see Fry in the capsule.
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Stunningly sad
nyomozoo7 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I love this episode. This episode needs time. While I watched it I thought I would give an 8, after finishing it I though it's a 9. Now more than two hours has passed and I think it worth a 10. It's not really funny, although there are some very good comical scenes. Like the episode 'The Luck of the Fryrish' it has a deeper message. This episode is about friendship. This episode is about the relationship between Fry and his dog Seymour. I reckon that the ones who can really appreciate this episode are the ones who has/had a dog. The last two minutes is the saddest I've seen in a cartoon since the death scene in Lion King. Futurama is a comedy show, but sometimes a serious episode makes it more interesting.
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a bittersweet note
firnthoronwen26 July 2006
Futurama is of course a great comic series. But this episode shows more than any other how it can strike a bittersweet, serious note as well with its spin on the familiar flashback of Fry's last day in the 20th century. This time, instead of seeing that Fry's coming to the future was not entirely as it appeared in the first episode, ("The Why of Fry" season 4) we get to see another aspect of his life that was left behind--his faithful dog Seymour. As the episode unfolds we learn what happened to Seymour after Fry was frozen...and what Fry decides to do when his fossilized remains are recovered in the future.

I think the song that's played in the last scene is perfectly chosen--and I came to IMDb to find out who sings it. I couldn't find that information here, but in case anybody else is wondering I found it on Wikipedia--"'I Will Wait For You' from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg as sung by Connie Francis, which writer Eric Kaplan's parents played and sang on the piano while he was a child."
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The saddest thing I've ever seen...
Mark M.6 August 2008
Jurassic Bark is certainly the best Futurama episode ever. I know that this has been said a million times, but this episode is also the saddest... I'm not a BIG animal lover, but it's impossible not to cry at the end, or at least be REALLY REALLY sad.I've been able to watch it completely only 1 time. There's not much to say without revealing anything, but all contribute to the unique atmosphere not present in any other episode. I can't believe that futurama didn't won the Emmy for the best animated program in 2003 by presenting "Jurassic Bark". It is a hundred time better than "Roswell that ends well".

10/10 You must watch it even if you're a big Futurama hater !
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like so many others said: great episode
tomsan8418 February 2009
I like animated comedy, its comedy for 'our' generation. Sitcoms just don't do it anymore and implement way to many morals into the storyline.

Futurama differentiates itself enough from the other popular animated comedy series to be interesting. Animated comedy is, maybe silently, stigmatized for being to superficial. Indeed the stories don't go to deep most of the time and that is the appealing part of it, but now and then people have a need for extra emotions besides humor.

Bringing drama with a laugh, to me sounds impossible. obviously it can be done, but it almost always negates or even nullifies the drama part.

This episode was regular for almost the entire length, but it was build up to the end so ingeniously and unnoticeable that the end indeed made such an impact.

I think that if you compare this scene with the saddest scene from friends (in context) futurama wins by a land slide in sadness.
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Impossible to maintain manly facade while recounting this episode's plot
Aidan Wall13 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am not a man given to tears. I have cried approximately 10 times in my life. However, I have discovered that I cannot recount the plot to this Futurama episode without tearing up and developing a catch in my throat. "Jurassic Bark" is, simply put, the best executed piece of emotional manipulation I have ever encountered. It's the perfect storm. And it isn't just the last scene. While this scene is central, and it's sights and sounds are what fill my mind when I break down, the build up to that scene is also very significant. It builds me up to put me down. I'm not sure if I would call this art, but there is nothing else in the canon of film and television which effects so deeply, even as a distant memory.
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Greyfriars Bobby
Futurama Fan9 December 2007
Jurassic Bark is one of my favorite Futurama episodes too. It reminds me of the true story of "Greyfriar's Bobby", a terrier who lived in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 1850s. Here's a web site that tells the story: www.greyfriarsbobby.co.uk. The story tells that he belonged to John Grey, one of the town's cops. When the man died, the dog made his home by the graveside. He became famous in the town, and the townspeople continued to care for the dog. When he eventually died years later, they erected a monument to the little dog's loyalty. PS: I saw a bumper sticker once - "Lord, help me to become the kind of person my dog thinks I am."
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The Saddest Thing In the World
syllavus4 December 2006
I gave this episode a 5, because it is both excellent, AND awful. The last minute of this episode, is without a doubt, the saddest thing ever written, or put to film, in the entire world. This makes it both brilliantly good, and terribly upsetting at the same time. Hours after seeing this episode, I found myself sobbing over it. It doesn't just tug at your heart-strings, it wrenches them out, like a dentist pulling out an abscessed tooth. Even now, just thinking about this episode is enough to make me tear up almost instantly. I can't imagine what state of mind the writer was in, to write such an agonizingly sad piece. Do not watch this episode if you are at all soft-hearted, or especially if you are a dog lover.
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My Favorite Episode Of Any Animated Series Ever
catapultrk20 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Although I enjoy South Park, Simpsons, Drawn Together, Family Guy and American Dad more in general than Futurama... this one episode is possibly my favorite half hour of animated television of all time. Even if you have never owned a pet, if you don't cry at the end... see a doctor to get your tear ducts checked. The way they built the relationship between Fry and his dog gradually was moving and surprisingly realistic. The change of heart Bender shows towards the dog after he realizes just how much Fry loved it was inspirational. Does the fact that seeing the women wrestle in spandex turned me on more than a little bit make me disturbed? Even if you hate the show, watch this episode ASAP!!!
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